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About Agile Aus

AgileAus was the first Australian conference dedicated to agile principles and practises and the impact technology has on the way we work. Now in its 14th year, the AgileAus brand has expanded to include an online hub (AgileAus Hub), a magazine (Agile Today), and other spin-off events: workshops, Agile Better Worlds (a conference for non-profits and the government sector), Agile Encore (a follow up event to the AgileAus conference) and Activate Agile (an event for students).

Through this variety of events and products, AgileAus has become a robust and continually developing community for those interested in driving the way we work forward.

What Slinky Did

Slatterys see itself not as the owner but as the guardian of AgileAus – its owner is the broad community of agilists around Australia. As such, the new AgileAus brand needed to represent an open-minded community of people driving innovation and constantly evolving the way people work. It also needed to operate as an umbrella brand, leveraging the AgileAus name across all of its products and services, as well as appealing to the broad agile community without feeling too ‘tech’ or too ‘corporate’.

Slinky Did It developed a logo shape and supporting pattern inspired by the agile iterative / sprint methodology. Its roundness conveys the optimism of the community and the curiosity and drive behind agile work methodology. Both the ‘e’ and ‘g’ in the logged have been shortened to create a negative space that represents the opportunities innovation has for the future and the sense of exploring the unknown.

The original AgileAus red was retained and the colour palette expanded to include an orange (to represent the optimistic agile community) and navy, blue and green to ground the brand. An orange-red gradient was added to further enhance a sense of drive and forward movement.


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Slatterys Rebrand


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