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About Library Quest

Library Quest is an online game that helps orientate new tertiary students to their Library and its resources. The game is quirky and humorous and strives to educate through engagement. 

Library Quest needed a brand that established their game as professional, trustworthy, and tested whilst subtly communicating the fun and quirky elements of the game. It was important to tout robust, evidenced outcomes of the game. The brand also need to resonate with students and help libraries raise awareness and deliver their resources. 

What Slinky Did

Slinky chose a font which was bold and contemporary, which helped to convey Library Quest as a trustworthy tech product that creates evidenced impact within the tertiary library sector. The playfulness of the game was subtly brought through by turning the ‘Q’ in ‘quest’ into a magnifying glass, which could then be used an a supporting brand element across collateral. A monochromatic palette was used to allow for ultimate flexibility with the changing face of the game.

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