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About the Study of Australian Leadership

Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) is a study of the management and leadership capabilities of all levels of management within Australian workplaces. The scope and depth of the study represent an Australian first. SAL aims to provide benchmark data for leadership and management capability in Australian workplaces that will inform future government policies and practice.

SAL needed a brand that demonstrated it is a credible, rigorous and impactful study. It also needed to appear approachable and official to help managers engage with the study. 

Key aspects of the brief included ensuring that the brand stood on its own, whilst remaining supportive of the Centre for Workforce Leadership and University of Melbourne co-brand. It also needed to demonstrates that the study examines all levels of management. This meant steering away from the idea of a pyramid shaped hierarchy to demonstrate  that every level of management is equally important.

What Slinky Did

Slinky utilised a square shape with one rounded corner to show the study is rigorous yet approachable. Positioning the soft corner at the bottom left, allows for the opposite corner to point upwards, representing the goals of the study to ultimately improve leadership capability.

The shape is simultaneously reminiscent of speech or thought bubble and a page turning a new leaf. It has been replicated to represent multiple levels of management and overlaid to show the interconnectedness of each level. 

The selected font is serious and robust, yet friendly. It is shown in a combination of uppercase and title case to represent the credibility of  the study while positioning it as approachable and useful.

Varying shades of emerald green were utilised to represent abundance and wealth in all its forms: material, intellectual, emotional and creative. This ties in to what this study hopes to help ultimately achieve for Australian workplaces. Gradients of the green were used within collateral to show the integration of different levels within organisations. There is also a subtle reference to the Australian ‘green and gold.’

Deliverables included:

  • Brand Development
  • Study Report
  • Letterhead
  • Brochure
  • Print Advertisments
  • Pull up Banner
  • Fact Sheets
  • Infographics
SAL Report Cover

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